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The unique Forsyth Excursions

Unravel the deep rooted mysteries of the jungle while you soak in the ravishing sights and sounds around you. Follow the trails and tracks, off the beaten path, as you continue to immerse yourself in the natural beauty of the landscape.

Get off the vehicle tracks and set foot across the forest, allowing the wild to gracefully envelop you, all while traversing Tiger country.

Nature Walks

This is every nature lover and naturalist’s true calling and dream come true. Voyage into Satpura, discovering a vast array of species and eco-systems as our passionate guides help you unravel the mysteries of the natural world.

Canoe Charisma

The magic of being in a canoe is to paddle quietly along the shore, drifting into little inlets to watch birds and animals coming down to the water, unmindful of the boat - a wilderness experience to be savoured.

Drive in a jeep

Traverse these formidable roads with the versatile four-wheel drive and explore the scenic expanses of the Satpura National Park.

The Eclectic Elephant

Explore the wilderness atop one of the most regal animals of India. Watch the elephant make its way across the terrain effortlessly, while you indulge in a bird’s eye view of the forest.

Mountain bike safari

In a one of a kind initiative the forest department at Satpura has opened up a number of cycling tracks. The opportunity to traverse these mountainous roads on a cycle in the midst of stunning scenery is certainly appealing. Lets not forget the chance of seeing some of the magnificent denizens of Satpura at eye level.

Blissful bird watching

If there’s one thing every individual should aspire to be, it is to adopt the free spirited nature of birds. Watch them fluidly swoop across the skies and in between tree tops in graceful movement. Our naturalists are trained birders who will point our feathery friends out and provide you interesting facts about them.

Nature Trail

Walking around Forsyth’s, spread across 44 acres, letting the beauty of the ambience seep into you creating a sense of introspective calm. Take in the panoramic views as you spend a morning or afternoon unlocking the scenic sights around you.

Amphibian Adventure.

Amphibian Walks give you a chance to see these hidden gems and understand what part they play in the larger scheme of the ecosystem.

Celestial Star Gazing

Huddle near a quiet and comfy bonfire, while we take you through the constellations and retell beautiful stories, engaging you in the stories of Greek and Roman mythology. Kick back into a relaxed state of mind and marvel at the astronomical wonders of our universe.

Junior Ranger’s Program

Watching wildlife requires a set of practical skills. Our naturalists also run a fun three-day course where children and interested adults acquire the basics of jungle craft—how to use equipment, how to identify species, and how to be quick-witted with a camera— and a certificate to boot.

Forsyth Trail

In a truly imaginative move, the park management has opened up the old pack- trail used by Capt. James Forsyth to walk up to Pachmarhi and have created a superbly scenic two-day hike.

Pachmari Trail

The Pachmarhi plateau is the highest part of the Satpura Hills, reaching an altitude of about feet (1352 M) with Dhoopgarh, the highest peak in Central India at 4435 feet (1350 M). Some of these trails are worth exploring for their unique botanical wonders and breath-taking landscapes

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About The Lodge

Forsyth - Satpura

Forsyth’s Lodge, Satpura is named in memory of one of the pioneers of the Indian Forest Service, a man who memorialized these fabled jungles and their human and wild inhabitants – in his classic account “The Highlands of Central India”.

Forsyth’s Lodge is located on the edge of Satpura National Park amongst 44 acres of restored wild jungle. This area was previously degraded overgrazed land and over the years the jungle has taken it back making it a paradise for spotted deer, wild boars, smaller cats and brilliant birdlife. This environmentally friendly lodge comprises twelve stylish mud cottages designed in keeping with the local style and constructed from local materials. Forsyth's Lodge works very closely with the park management and local people to create a unique jungle experience, whilst benefiting the local community.

Forsyth’s Lodge has been adjudged ‘The Most Inspirational Eco-Lodge’ and has been ranked as an Outstanding Practice Certification provider in our operational practices and the highest PUG rating by TOFT (Travel Operators for Tigers Campaign).

It is a warm and welcoming place with great food and service and a team of young and enthusiastic manager and naturalists. We hope that you will enjoy the lodge as much as the magnificent Satpura Tiger Reserve that it serves.

At Forsyth, we believe in the ideology of taking to your feet to explore the wilderness and pay attention to every detail that surrounds you, making the journey one to remember for a lifetime. There’s no better way than exploring the forest by foot, to truly marvel at the wild sights around you. You are encouraged to try the various other non-motor based activities like canoe and mountain bike safaris to enhance your Satpura experience. Hence our focus at the lodge is more towards non-motor based safaris than just visiting the wilderness in a Jeep.

In consultation with your naturalists, we aim to provide you with a tailor-made Satpura experience, which will ensure that you experience the exotic jungle along with its many denizens that comprise a Tiger’s habitat, as opposed to just one species at a time.

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Media Coverage

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Photo Gallery

Photo Gallery


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