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Cultural Village Excursion

A walk through some of the deepest elements of rural India. JAWAI is the best example of rural Indian wilderness - colourful & blissful. The heart of India lies in its villages. Our cultural village excursion takes one through a living archive of the world’s most diverse and complex countryside. The same diversity, characterises rural Indian occupations, arts and crafts, culture, literature, legend & transportation.

Experience a tour through narrow village streets, walking with cattle, making new friends, meeting some distinct village personalities, exploring village trade, gaining valuable insights on Indian village society, communities & beliefs, indulging in some favourite rural past-times & learning about distinct occupations such as potters, bangle makers, weavers, iron - smiths, musicians & priests. Each place of worship in the JAWAI region has its own little story. There are over 300 temples and shrines in the JAWAI region. The tranquil atmosphere of these temples has a lot of positive energy and each of them have a distinct character of their own.

Should you wish to aid villages in India and help in the development of our nation, please do let us know. We would help connect you with villages, schools, children, women and local councils. We would be happy to procure resources to aid education and living in rural JAWAI.

Wilderness Drive

“Two roads diverged in a wood and I – I took the one less travelled by, and that has made all the difference.” Robert Frost.

JAWAI’s leopards & birds are a great attraction across the region. The mystery of JAWAI is unravelled for guests by informed guides, and yet, a measure of that mystery remains long after a sighting is over, to be relived forever. Trying our best to follow the schedule of our wild neighbours, we recommend an early start to your morning Game Drive, certainly before the sun is up. Our customised 4x4 jeeps, with a naturalist on board will convey you expertly to every corner of JAWAI. An experience to discover new areas, new animals and create new routes. As wilderness enthusiasts, some of our happiest moments seem to come when we stumble upon one thing whilst in pursuit of something else.

Kumbalgarh & Ranakpur

In a part of India where you may well be "Forted or Palaced Out", the mighty 15th century Fort of Kumbalgarh, a UNESCO World Heritage Site is still a unique destination. A drive from camp to Kumbalgarh is about 60 to 90 minutes and will deliver you to this magical eyrie. The excursion can be extended into a half–day outing with a picnic in case you choose to visit the intricately carved temples of Ranakpur, an architectural marvel, less than an hour away.

Nature Trail & Twitching

Twitching first. 'Twitching' is trying to see as many different species of birds as possible. Those involved in the activity are known as 'twitchers' and each individual sighting is a 'twitch' or 'tick’. Our guides help you sight over 170 species of birds in JAWAI. This is one of the largest variety of birds that can be viewed in a particular region. Our list is still growing as we discover new birds every now and then.

A gentle walk through an open breezy expanse of land near the lake while we view migratory birdlife and crocodiles. This walk also gives an insight into the life of the migrant fishing community of JAWAI. The terrain of the walk is suitable for leisure and fitness with its gradual slopes and long flat stretches of grass. We then proceed into farmland, where according to the season, you would get to see traditional farming & irrigation techniques. As the sun sets, we make our way to the edge of the lake where we conclude our walk with a brief halt to stare and enjoy the tranquil stillness of the water and the sounds of various birds.

Sunset Vintage Jeep Ride

A colonial breezy ride in a vintage jeep through a very special part of JAWAI. With hills on either side & beautiful countryside, this trail is breath-taking & pure bliss. This drive is a perfect opportunity for magnificent landscape photography and you would see villagers involved in their cultivation of local crops. The vintage jeep would take you to the edge of the JAWAI Bandh – our historical dam wall, where there is phenomenal view of the JAWAI Lake.

JAWAI by Cycle

Off road cycling expeditions allow you to explore this beautiful landscape outside the confines of a jeep. This rigorous activity not only pushes you to the limit but also allows you to explore areas that are usually out of bounds while on a jeep. You will be accompanied by one of our expert guides who will give you insights on the flora and fauna of the region. A typical biking tour will last 1.5 to 3 hours depending on the route and guide’s advice.

Shepherd's Stroll, Adventure Hikes & Treks

The greater JAWAI area is country made for walking and Ramblers are guaranteed to have a field day out, to relax and tune those muscles tired by long hours of trains, planes and automobiles. They say the only way to truly understand someone is to walk a mile in their shoes. We invite you to take up the unique opportunity to walk around the area, discovering wildlife, people and history with our guides.

Depending on your aptitude we offer a variety of hikes and treks. These would include a choice of a leisurely stroll looking for local shepherds or a moderate hike through the fields, bush & rocks of JAWAI, or a challenging trek to one of the neighbouring hills around the area.

Ranger Diaries

JAWAI's Field Team has set a benchmark in JAWAI's research and development of wildlife. With the use of state of the art equipment, some discoveries have been made in the field of wildlife & culture over the period of time we have been here. Your ranger would take you for a walk through our Field Area in Camp. You would be guided through various field equipment & procedures used in the field. We would show you videos, graphs and valuable documentation done by us in this area.

Junior Ranger

Inclusive of drives (accompanied by parents), Wildlife Talk, Ranger T Shirt & Cap, Bird List, Field briefings, Observation List.

A very unique programme run in JAWAI for young ones to develop an interest in wildlife. Complete with a junior ranger's uniform, a bird book & a list, a mammal book and an observation list, set out on an educational adventure with a Ranger. Discover JAWAI through exciting 4X4 off-roading in our jeeps, discussions, knowledge about wildlife and culture and tips on photography. Have a perfect vacation while keeping children engaged in a unique fun filled learning process during their stay in JAWAI. On completion of this programme, a certificate of participation would be awarded by the Head of Experiences JAWAI.

JAWAI Culinaire

Rajasthan is a land of colour & cuisine. JAWAI’s culinary philosophy revolves around the procurement and use of fresh local produce from our organic garden and neighbouring villages. Our team of guides and chefs, possess their own recipes and trade secrets of cooking while living in the wilderness. We would love to exchange with you, our experiences with natural traditional food, drink and celebration.

Festivals at JAWAI (Seasonal)

India is the cradle of the human race, the birthplace of human speech, the mother of history, the grandmother of legend, and the great grandmother of tradition. Our most valuable and most artistic materials in the history of man are treasured up in India only!"- Mark Twain The region of Marwar & Mewar are a host to many festivities that are celebrated with pride, old traditions and celebrations. We would keep you informed of seasonal festivities around the area and would organize for you to join in to experience a once in a lifetime ‘theatre of Rajasthani culture’.

Traditional Wellness & Fitness

A serene atmosphere is created by the tranquil still water of the lake and blends in to create perfect harmony of mind, body & nature. Our wellness expert offers meditation, yoga and channelling of energy by the lake. This experience can also be conducted at our poolside or in the privacy of your tent. You will be taken through a traditional route of wellness & yogic practices that would enhance your well-being and fitness levels. Wellness at JAWAI is unique as the region’s peace and tranquillity, promotes the learning & practice of these age old methods. The best part of this program is the learning that is imparted where you will take home easy practices that can be performed in your daily routine for enhanced living and well-being.

The long stretches of natural roads, steep granite hills and clean atmosphere make JAWAI a perfect, chic & extreme outdoor fitness centre. During vacation, we understand the need to participate in a session of good exercise to boost your energy levels & stretch your muscles for the rest of your trip. Along with boosting your fitness levels, you will experience wilderness, culture and breath-taking landscape along the way. Please contact our experiences team to discuss your preferences and routes.

  • All the above experiences are chargeable as per applicable rates and taxes.
  • 2 wilderness driver per night is included in the stay package.
  • All the above is subject to avaliability
Wellness & SPA

About The Lodge

Jawai leopard Camp - Bera

If there is one place on the face of earth where all the dreams of living men have found a home from the very earliest days when man began the dream of existence, it is India!" R. Rolland

JAWAI is a wilderness destination in the district of Pali, Rajasthan which is conveniently located between Jodhpur and Udaipur, at a 3 hour drive from each. JAWAI has still remained fairly rural, even though the rest of the country has seen a great change in economic growth. The landscape is dramatic with the presence of solitary hills, mustard and maize fields, villages and a lake that is a home to many unique migratory birds. Colour is added by the inhabitants of this area, primarily the semi nomadic herders of the Rabari tribe, wearing ethnic costumes with red turbans, who walk along these hills and fields with their sheep. In the hills live families of leopards & wild cats who by day rest in their caves and come down to hunt in the villages by night. JAWAI is also a home to over 200 species of birds, grey langoor monkeys, crocodiles and other smaller mammals.

The camp is situated in the midst of this wilderness far away from big cities and busy roads. It is surrounded by the granite rocky hills of JAWAI and is close to rural settlements of the area. The camp is designed to be chic, luxurious and homely with 10 tents with oodles of space and privacy. The camp is well spaced out, with a serene pool, a dining tent and a rustic lounge furnished with day beds and stocked with books and a camp style bar.

Our culinary philosophy is based upon sourcing and utilizing local ingredients from our organic garden and neighbouring local villages. We serve wholesome, nutritious and delightful cuisine crafted by local chefs who are well versed with regional and western fare.

JAWAI is also a tranquil wilderness spa destination. Our spa caters to guests in their time of leisure and is well versed with traditional treatments and energising yoga.

JAWAI is one of India’s many untouched destinations, which is magical and is abundant with elements of surprises, in every moment encountered. Whether you wish to embark on an experience of wellness & leisure or an action packed adventure, the moment is perfect, to set foot into the wilderness and experience something that you can remember for a lifetime. Our Experiences Team connects with every guest and tailor makes their stay in accordance with their preferences. The team is headed by Varun Kutty who has a background of creating and operating wilderness, cultural and adventure based experiences. Varun, has been building a ‘cordial relationship bridge’ between the camp and the villages. Along with his team, he tries to focus on the distinct pastoral, cultural and spiritual traditions of this region along with the magical bond that has existed for years between the villagers and the leopards. Vedant Thite is a young passionate guide whose specialization is birding and studying the animals of the area. Surajpal Singh is a guide who has grown up in the area and is well versed with the culture and wildlife of this region.

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