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At Orange County, Kabini, we help you get closer to the spirit of the land by offering a platter full of activities that let you choose your activity level and the degree of separation from the wild. So, whether you’d prefer being a spectator or a participant is left to you. All the activities here have been designed around the uniqueness of the location and the local culture, and afford you the chance to exercise both your mind and body.

The Resort Elephant

During an informal talk with our Naturalist, you get to learn about this magnificent animal, its natural history and its long association with man. After the talk, get up close and personal with Kaveri, our resident elephant. You can bathe and feed her and while doing so, reaffirm our historical bond with this fascinating and intelligent animal. Re discover the pleasures of an era long gone. Sit back and enjoy a ride on this magnificent, regal animal on the banks ofKabini.

Coracle Ride

Guests will be taken on a traditional round shaped boat called a coracle. The design of the boat is unique to the rivers of southern India and surprisingly to the rivers of Ireland! The coracle will drift slowly down the Kabini, hugging the shoreline. The purpose of this activity is to allow the visitor to experience the river by bringing him in direct contact with it. The visitor will get to experience the many moods of the river as she drifts by.

Guided Nature Walk

A guided Nature Walk is one of the best ways to explore the treasures of nature. A Naturalist would unravel the beauty of birds, insects, trees and wild flowers. The walk would take you along the banks of the Kabini river and then through the scrub and fields along the village roads.

Evening Activities

Every alternate evening, a troupe of Kuruba tribal dancers performs their traditional dance around a campfire, to the accompaniment of two wooden drums and one wind instrument. This dance is traditionally performed during festivals & times of strife and is an invitation to their gods to join them and bless the occasion. A Documentary on wildlife is screened every other evening in the Check-in Lounge to open to our guests the mysteries of nature.

Night Trails

As night descends upon the Kabini landscape a whole world of nocturnal life emerges. Those of you not lured by after-dinner television can explore nature around the resort at night, armed only with flashlights and a spirit of adventure. Our naturalists will skillfully escort you around the areas just outside the resort and by the Kabini’s waterline where you will encounter the fascinating nocturnal world of beetles, spiders, owls, moths, lizards and even plants as you go about this unusual night expedition.

Wellness & SPA

About The Lodge

Orange County - Kabini

Orange County Resorts is an experiential holiday company that owns luxury resorts at Kabini & Coorg, and an upcoming resort in the beautiful World Heritage Site of Hampi in Karnataka, India.

The Kabini region is sandwiched between the Nagarhole and Bandipur National Parks, in the heart of the 5500 sq km Nilgiri Biosphere and is one of the richest biodiversity hotspots in the world. The Nagarhole ecosystem supports the highest density of herbivores anywhere in Asia with a density of around 108 animals per sq km.

In addition to large herbivores such as the Chital, Sambar, Gaur, Asian Elephant and more, Nagarhole National Park also boasts a large number of predators including the Tiger, Leopard and Wild Dog. On the Vehicle Safari, Guests could get lucky and spot many of these species or indulge in some really captivating bird watching, with over 300 species of birds recorded in the region.

The Boat Safari takes guests upstream from the resort on the Kabini River to where the river itself separates the Nagarhole National Park from the Bandipur National Park. Depending on the time of year one can see large congregations of Asiatic elephants on the banks of the Kabini.

Orange County’s 'Spirit of the Land' philosophy finds its most intimate expression at Kabini. Steeped in local lore and culture, and inspired in design by the ‘Kadu Kuruba Hadis’ (local tribal villages), this picturesque resort of sweeping panoramic vistas is bordered on two sides by the Kabini river.

While the interiors of the intimate Pool and Jacuzzi huts are a celebration of the vernacular, with ethnic furniture, tribal furnishing and bottle gourd lamp shades, the exteriors capture the richness of the landscape and culture.

The Kabini region, surrounded by the Bandipur, Nagarahole and Wayanad wildlife sanctuaries, is one of the richest wildlife habitats in India. Among others, it is home to the Gaur, Sambar and Sloth Bear and the largest congregation of Asian Elephants. The high density of herbivores turns this region into one of the few places in Asia where three large predators i.e., the Tiger, Leopard and the Wild Dog, coexist in large numbers.

Orange County, Kabini is among the ‘25 World's Best Ecolodges’ for 2013 by the National Geographic Traveler.

Orange County, Kabini was awarded the TripAdvisor ‘Hall of Fame’ Certificate in 2015 for winning the Certificate of Excellence for five consecutive years (2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015)

Wellness & SPA

Media Coverage

Evolve.Back. is our ongoing journey to bring to you captivating stories about our land and its people; a symbiosis that we explore and celebrate through expressive and uplifting video and photo essays every month. We believe this Responsible Tourism Initiative will cause you to see 'evolution' in a new light.


Lifescapes: It is said that the best still images are moving. They move you beyond time and space, move you emotionally, spiritually and intellectually; move you because they tell an entire story, in a single frame. This has been the philosophy behind Lifescapes; to share with you, the lore of our land, in the form of a fortnightly photo-essay. This would help immeasurably in our Responsible Tourism Initiatives by kindling the spark of interest in the nature and culture of our land.   


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Special Offer

The guests can now avail a session of complimentary 'Abhyanga' - complete body ayurveda massage for a couple, worth Rs.6200/- on every room booking of 03 nights & above at Coorg or Kabini between 01st July, 2015 – 31st March, 2016.

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