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Horse Safaris

The main attraction of our horse safaris is the joy of riding good and well-trained horses from indigenous breeds over superb open country, rich in wildlife and cultural. The riding routes can be according to your choice – quietly walking and trotting in the countryside, galloping across open desert plains, watching birds and wildlife from horseback in the Little Rann of Kutch, or visiting villages off the main road. You can ride alongside the wild ass or antelopes, stop to watch birds and even look for other wildlife like gazelle, wolf, fox and jackal.

Overnight on board Camel Cart Safaris

This tour of the little rann of kutch and its neighbouring villages offers an incredible cultural and scenic experience. The camel carts are superbly bedecked and appointed with beds, roof and mosquito nets. The journey in the desert wilderness could provide opportunities to see some wildlife typical of the desert scrub. On reaching the villages, you can see daily chores like hand-milking of livestock and cooking on coal or traditional stoves. The day culminates with drinks, Barbeque dinner and folk cultural program under the limpid desert skies with bon fire.


Folk Dance performances

Enjoy the energetic dance of local communities in the evening with dinner. Mir women dressed in their traditional dresses and jewellery dance on the traditional beats of Dhol. You can also be part of the mood and dance with them.


Bullet safaris

Enjoy the thrilling experience of driving bullet motorbikes in the vast landscapes of rann with our experienced guides. One can enjoy the wildlife in the rann landscape and interior villages for amazing cultural experience while riding on bikes.


Bicycle rides

Ride in the rann or the countryside on mountain bikes to challenge yourself and get close to nature and culture of the little rann of kutch.


Trekking tours in the Rann of Kutch

A very special experience for those who are fond of adventures and trekking. Trek in the endless vast landscapes of rann , walking through an array of scapes from herds of wild asses to the rustic villages. Stay in tented camps and feel the real Rann.


Candle light dinner in Little Rann of Kutch

Enjoy a romantic personal dinner in the Rann of kutch sitting below the sky and breathing the cool breeze of Rann.


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About The Lodge

Rann Riders, Little Rann Of Kutch

Rann Riders is an eco-friendly resort designed to blend in with the rural, pastoral and agricultural countryside in which it is located. The resort makes an ideal base to explore the Little Rann of Kutch and its Wild Ass Sanctuary, a number of excellent birdwatching sites, interesting villages and their handicrafts, and architectural monuments like the Modhera Sun Temple and Patan World Heritage Site.

The resort offers accommodations in cottages designed like the round houses of Rabaris in Kutch and the square houses of nearby Dasada. The mud-covered walls of cottages are beautifully hand-embellished with murals, inlaid mirrors and leaf patterns. Each cottage is an independent double bedroom with a/c, comfortable furniture and an ensuite bathroom with modern amenities. The resort also has its own lake and gardens which bring in birds, bats and other wildlife.

Some key facilities of the resort:

The long dining hall, furnished to blend with the theme of the resort, serves both international and Indian food including regional specialities. The resort grows some of its own produce for the kitchen, and also has its own livestock including poultry and goats.

The resort has an excellent stable of prize-winning Marwari, Kathiawadi and Sindhi horses. Riding trips and horseback safaris can be organised.

Rann Riders has a fleet of open vehicles for cross-country safaris in the Little Rann of Kutch, the remaining habitat of the endangered Indian Wild Ass, a magnificent member of the horse family. Nilgai (blue bull), the largest antelope in India can also be seen during the drives. Indian Wolf, Indian and White-footed Desert Foxes, Golden Jackal, Striped Hyena, Desert, Jungle and Fishing Cat, and smaller mammals like hares, hedgehogs, gerbil and field mice are seen in the sanctuary.

The Little Rann of Kutch is a birding paradise. During the safaris in the Rann expect to see large flocks of larks, and other dryland birds like sandgrouse, coursers, plovers, chats, warblers, babblers, shrikes. Among the many winter visitors are the houbara bustard, short eared owl and sociable lapwing. The best birding is at the lakes and marshes in and around the Rann where birds gather in numbers beyond comprehension during the winter months from October to March. These are the months when demoiselle and common cranes are seen in incredibly large numbers. The wetlands also attract flamingos, pelicans, storks, ibises, spoonbill, a variety of ducks, plovers and other waterfowl. The Rann is also the hunting ground of raptors like the short-toed eagle, aquila eagles, six species of falcon, buzzards and three species of harrier. It is one of the few places where harriers can be seen roosting on open-ground at night.

The resort offers village tours which cover handicrafts like embroidery, beadwork, tangaliya and ikat weaving, etc.

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Special Offer

2 nights stay and a cultural dance performance is free

A candle-light dinner free for 3rd night

3 nights stay and one jeep safari free (Extra apart from the inclusive safaris)

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