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For those of you who haven’t already booked your Wildlife Safari’s this is an experience not to be missed! Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve is the finest habitat in the world to see tigers in the wild. Mughal ruins, palaces and cenotaphs lie in the embrace of ancient hills and forests. Apart from being home to tiger; wild boar, deer, antelope and monkey are commonly seen while sightings of jackal, mongoose, sloth bear and leopard are fairly regular too. In winter, thousands of birds migrate here from Europe and Siberia making Ranthambhore an Ornithologist’s Paradise. Please get in touch with us with regard to safari bookings in advance.

Ranthambhore Fort

This magnificent 8th century fort was one of the most strategically located forts in north India, and became especially important during the Mughal period. The Great Mughal emperor, Akbar, wrested control of the fort in 1569. Considered impregnable, this crenellated citadel sits atop a ridge at the very heart of the park. It has Sultanate and Rajput palaces, mosques and temples including an important one dedicated to Lord Ganesha, the Elephant God. Thousands of people come here from every corner of the country, and seek blessings from the Lord for happiness and prosperity. Visitors are allowed to access the fort from the park gates through a beautiful part of the forest, in the heart of tiger-territory. The views over Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve from the battlements are breath-taking. Our guide will walk you through the Fort narrating its rich past.

Visit the local NGO

Dastkar Ranthambhore is a non-profit organization that produces handicrafts created by local women, from an area around the Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve. The organization was founded in 1989 in an effort to provide much-needed income to villagers who had been displaced by the creation of the tiger reserve. At Sher Bagh we are committed to the idea that craft can be a powerful social, economic, and cultural force that has enormous potential to transform the lives of the poor; we have long been supporting Dastkar. Guests can have a chance to talk to the women and watch them at work, whilst also shop for their range of hand made products, including apparels, toys, quilts, pillows, throws, and other items for the home. The centre is only a short walk or quick drive from Camp and our staff will be happy to run you down there.

Specialised Photographic Safaris

Sherbagh - Ranthambhore offers you a specialised photographic safari, accompanied by expert photographers who know these areas well. This ensures you capture these treasures using the best possible techniques and from the finest vantage. Ranthambhore’s wildlife and it’s most famous and charismatic denizen, the tiger have similarly been among the most sought after ‘trophies’ a camera lens can acquire. Our expert teams have assisted in BBC documentaries and early research in the Reserve as well as published books, and have, over the years caught unique footage that few others have ever witnessed.

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About The Lodge

Sherbagh - Ranthambhore

Sher Bagh is a pioneering, luxury tented camp neighbouring the Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve. Our 12 hand-stitched canvas tents reflect the style of the 1920’s and arouse nostalgic evocations of life on safari during the heyday of the Raj. The camp is furnished in Edwardian, campaign style furniture, which famously decked the future King Edward VIIIth’s celebrated tour of India’s wild heartlands in 1921. Our showers and bathrooms have been described as “a hedonists delight” while others have called Sher Bagh “the most sonorous note in Ranthambhore’s symphony”.

Arboreal lanterns adorn the pathways and campfire that is lit every night. We pride ourselves on our outdoor dining experiences where, surrounded by acres of wild grasses and under the dome of a starlit sky our guests eat off traditional thaali’s while engaging in the jungle gossip of the day. We also host meals in more secluded areas of the Camp for those looking to spend a more private evening by themselves.

Our cuisine combines sumptuous western lunches with traditional Indian dinners cooked over clay ovens. The nourishing home-grown ingredients, hand picked from our Organic Herb and Vegetable Garden and the Sher Bagh Farm are guaranteed to open your taste buds to an entirely new gastronomical experience. Live cooking – in which guests are invited to participate – is an enduring feature of camp life and one of the most relaxing ways to round off a day tracking wildlife in the jungle.

The Library Bar, on the upper storey of the Main Building is a retreat, within a retreat; a perfect spot to unwind in between Game Drives or at the end of your safari. Wireless facilities in this area ensure you remain connected with your world, even in the wilderness and Portraits of individual tigers we have shared our lives with adorn the walls of the main lodge.

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Photo Gallery


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